Student Travel

We’re first-in-class with safe, reliable, cost-effective transportation solutions.

There’s a lot riding on your choice of a student travel company. You want to be certain that your transportation provider complies with all federal and state motor coach safety regulations and boasts a safety record that is second to none.

TrueNorth strategically partners with motor coach providers who consistently outpace their counterparts in USDOT-inspection scores and who qualify for higher levels of insurance based on exceptional past performance. We carry over 10 million dollars in liability insurance. That’s over 5 million more coverage than 90 percent of ground transportation carriers nationwide.

Made a "dry run" to make sure that he knew exactly where the hotel was located while the group took a walking tour of the memorials!

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Safety first. Safety foremost

We adhere by all state regulations where additional certification is mandatory. Our safety record is among the very best in the business.

Drivers with experience in transporting students

We get to know your booking patterns, schedules and favorite drivers. And we seek out drivers with proven track records in
working well with children and teens.

On-time performance

Our on-time performance is nearly perfect, even accounting for those inevitable traffic and weather delays.

Fast adjustments to itinerary changes

Many student groups change their itineraries spur-of-the-moment. We work efficiently and seamlessly with drivers, tour guides, and tour operators to ensure that everyone is on board when inevitable changes occur.

Customer-focused ground staff

Knowledgeable and courteous support staff are available not only on board, but also on the ground. We provide airport meet-and-greets, step-on tour guides, and other personnel for a safe, worry-free, comprehensive educational experience, anywhere in the nation…including multi-lingual specialists.

Availability when others are oversold

Based on our long-standing relationships with transporters across the country, we are generally able to provide you with a safe, reliable, cost-effective option when your current favored vendor is oversold.

When you do your homework, you’ll agree: TrueNorth takes student transportation to a whole other level of safety and responsibility.

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